VIP Members

What is our VIP Club, and Why Would You Care!?

Have you ever entered an airplane and as you pass the First Class section you think to yourself, “I’d like to fly First Class”?

Have you ever noticed the person in front of you as you are checking into your Hotel for a night, and the representative at the front greets the person in front of you by name, and offers them a complimentary upgrade to their hotel room?

Have you ever been on a cruise and passed the lounges that were for VIP members, or exclusive pass holders, and you’ve had a desire to be a part of that club?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then the VIP Club is where you want to be. See, we’ve felt the exact same way in the past in those exact same examples above. And quite frankly, as a real estate professional I want my clients, and folks using our website like you, to always feel the way the VIP’s do when they enjoy those special perks and privileges.

To make you feel that way, I’ve built the GAFinestHomes Group’s VIP Club. In it you’ll actually learn the exact methods that have allowed my mentors, and millionaire clients, live the VIP lifestyle at hotels, when traveling, and when it comes to their personal finances. I have so many golden nuggets to share with you that I have used to travel and stay at locations for dirt cheap or free.

On top of sharing the inside secrets that the privileged use to enjoy VIP statuses outside of their community, I’ll open up to you many more perks you can enjoy right here in our Cobb County community. As your Realtor, I want you to have access to special perks when you do buy or sell, just as much as when you’re looking to stay in your home and enjoy where you live for years to come. I want you to be able to have access to a local network of people, places, and knowledge that will make living in Cobb County an absolute joy.

I truly believe in giving massive value to those willing to receive it. This is the business philosophy that has allowed me to not only be able to serve people in ways that make me personally smile, but also earn their trust when their families and friends do think of real estate.

Let me help you enjoy the place where you live, and start taking advantage of the best real estate & financial tips and tricks by taking VIP HomeOwner perks and knowledge to the next level.  Help me to become for you the catalyst for building your home, and our community.

To enroll in the VIP Club, all you have to do is refer me 1 friend or family member who is thinking about buying or selling within the next two years. Membership lasts for 12 calendar months from the date of the referral submission.

Start obtaining your VIP Perks – whom is someone you know who is thinking about buying or selling within the next 2 years or less?

After submitting a referral, we’ll send you a confirmation of your enrollment into our VIP Club – and the person you referred will automatically become a VIP member as well, regardless if they do end up buying or selling!