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Information, relationships, and community is what we’re all about, and we want you to have a tailored experience.

“Join our community of local homeowners who wish to take part in the savings, exclusive offers, and other amazing perks that go along with our Members-Only access.”

Members get (just to name a handful) these awesome perks:

  • Exclusive access to the best service-based providers in your area (Landscapers, Contractors, Doctors…you name it, we know the best!)
  • Member-Only deals from local business owners that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Interviews with local business owners to get to know them beyond just names and contact info on paper
  • Monthly market updates – we relevant market information with you that we pay thousand of dollars for (and have to be Realtors in some cases) to obtain. This info is the priceless nuggets that our Investors use to make a killing on in our markets by knowing how to digest the data.

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  • Tips and tricks of the best financial and credit advisors – we share with you what Millionaires have taught us (and what we’ve pay a fortune in time and money to figure out!)
  • Access to anyone in our network who can help you personally, or professionally. We’ve landed past clients jobs, helped initiate business ventures, and introduced members to lifelong friends and business partners as a result. We want to help you too!
  • Reservations and VIP treatment at local restaurants and venues…it’s nice to know the owners! 😉
  • And so, so much more…

So if you’re a local homeowner and you want to build a community around your home of genuine, amazing people, whom live, work, and play where you live too, then we’re so excited to learn more about how we can introduce you to just those right people and resources. Whether you looking for a new landscaper or great contractor around the house. Whether you’re looking for the best restaurants and local venues to check out. Or whether you’re looking to network with other business and local homeowners for the next personal or professional venture, we’ve got you covered.

Welcome to Welcome to your new community. Welcome Home.

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